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2003 Chevy Cavalier and a "clunking" tire

I have a 2003 chevy cavalier and there is a clunking noise from the right front tire. I have recently replaced the tire, brakes and the wheel bearing. What is causing this noise and any idea how much the repair could cost?

Check the lug nuts and make sure one has not fallen off. Given your repairs it sounds like due diligance has been taken, try it without the hubcap on( if you have hubcaps) is it on bumps only, constant, or any other info?

It does it almost all the time, however its louder when the car is turning to the right. There is a hubcap, and I will look to see if all the lug nuts are there.

Any suggestions?

If there is a noise when turning right I would check the rt. front axle assy. If the noise is heard from the right front when going over bumps I would check the swaybar bushions and or the swaybar link.Good luck.

Thanks! Any idea how much it would cost to fix?