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2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer - AC compressor lifespan

I have a 04 Chevy trailblazer that the a/c compresser is out. Pep Boys estimated $1,000 for that and Freon. I’ve had SUV since 2011 bought from late boyfriend’s kids. I also have a2003 Chevy Impala bought new and never had to replace compressor. Is that normal for a compressor to go out sooner than my impala?

Mechanical things just break and that is all there is to it.

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I’ve never had a compressor break, ever. That’s over many cars sold at 10 years old and older with 60K miles to 108K miles. My GM truck’s compressor still works fine at 14 years and 130K miles.

As @VOLVO_V70 says, stuff just breaks.

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Same here…A/C in my Corolla still going strong after 19 years.

Trucks, SUVs and vans have larger interiors and more windows resulting in a greater demand on the A/C system components than a sedan.

I have replaced hundreds of compressors.

I’d have to look but I’ve had to replace a few somewhere around 150,000 to 250,000 miles. Depends on how much its used but that pulley keeps going around whether its used or not. I don’t ever do rebuilt though or used anymore. The compressor is the less expensive part than all the rest to replace it so brand new compressor.

My 03 trailblazer 190k ac is good, might be a place to look, had a caravan compressor blow out at 75k, stuff happens. Think it was $2500 for the caravan as they had to purge the system as part of replacing the compressor.

The vehicle is 15 years old and refrigerant leaks are common with older vehicles. With the loss of refrigerant comes loss of refrigerant oil. Low or no oil means a doomed compressor.

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I have had AC problems in the past and would not consider this an unusual occurrence. And repairs are typically expensive on AC.

I would never let Pep Boys open my hood, and would get a second opinion from a local well established auto a/c shop. Stay away from the chain store shops.

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On our personal vehicles, I’ve replaced 3 ac compressors over the years

2 were visibly leaking and green with uv dye

1 catastrophically let go, throwing the belt and shooting metal debris throughout the system

It’s not unusual. It’s a 14 year old car, it’s a moving part that wears out. Compressor replacement is a common repair for A/C systems.

When you have it repaired be sure the fan clutch on your car is tested and verified as working properly. High head pressures can shorten the life of a compressor.

I don’t drive it that much. Only has 81K miles. Mostly on weekends.