2003 Chevrolet SSR - Seeking special help

Looking for someone who knows how to work on the retractable top of a 2003 Chevy SSR in the Denver , CO area

Try here…Mechanics files

We have a 2003 Chevy SSR we need to locate someone about retractable top help not a dealership that knows how to work on it.

Well, Connie, use Google, Yp.com or Yelp to find a convertible top specialist in your area.

I have repaired many Chrysler and Lexus retractable hard top problems over the years, this is somewhat of a specialty within the dealers service department. I am a great distance from Denver and it is unlikely that you will be able to contact anyone in Denver on this message board.

An expensive scan tool is needed to review the faults in the folding top module and observe the data from so many micro switches in each joint and latch in the system. Good luck finding a small shop that can help with this, most send this type of work to the dealer.

The Mechanics files reference is really a shot in the dark, 1/3 of the shops shown in my area went out of business 10 years ago, omit the tire stores and chain tune-up shops and you have a bunch of odd ball shops with customer ratings that were posted 20 years ago. There is a used car dealer near me with a 5 star rating that closed 10 years ago.

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Good luck with your search. I owned a retractable hard top and Lexus had nobody that could work on it. They flew in a tech once for two weeks to try to fix mine. He could not. I sold it on.

Here’s another vote for taking it to the dealer. These were specialty cars to begin with and it’s highly unlikely that you will find an independent mechanic with experience and equipment to diagnose and repair that system.

I’m a “fix just about anything” type of mechanic and even I wouldn’t take on this job. I doubt I’d be able to make money on the job.

Have you searched for SSR forums? Somebody there might know.

Have you tried the dealer?

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Why not a dealership? From reading the other posts, it would seem they might be the best folks to work on it.


The subforum that includes Colorado hasn’t been that active recently but someone on there should be able to point you to a dealer or local shop that still knows how to work on these.

Total production about 24,000. Not that many, so finding a knowledgeable mechanic won’t be easy.

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