2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo broken connecting rod

Mechanic i broke a connecting rod they want 2200 bucks to fix it what do you think?is it worth fixing i had just go all new exhaust around xmas also

Do not look at the cost of the exhaust, that is known as a ‘sunk cost’, it is behind you. Only look forward. Is the car in good shape? With the fix will it last another year or two? Do you like the car? Figure a car payment of $200 to $500 a month. @$200 a month if the car lasts a year you are ahead, @$500 a month you are ahead in 5 months.

If you do not like the car or if the transmission is giving you trouble or if there is a lot of rust than time to move on.

Is shop putting in a rebuilt motor? Or used? A used 3.4 or 3.8 is $500. Install is 500-1000? Trans is original? Never rebuilt? Miles?