2003 Chevrolet Cavalier - Lots of questions

They told me when my dad got the car at the auction that all it needed was a water pump in the mist of all that the fuel pump goes out bt my car kept running hot took it back to the guy that fixed it and he says my thermostat housing broke. With that breaking will that cause my car to throw a rod? I’m confused and the guy just telling me anything because I’m a girl.

You think you’re confused, you should try understanding what you wrote from this side.

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That vehicle was at the auction because it had too many problems and too old for a used car lot to mess with . You can’t keep driving a vehicle that over heats because it will ruin your engine. Your mechanic does not care if you are a girl . Not sure what the rod comment even means . Have the mechanic fix the cooling problems then go from there.

I have a very simple question . . .

Has your engine thrown a rod?

If the answer is yes . . . your engine is toast, and the smartest move is to start calling auto junkyards. Ask them how much they’ll pay you for the car, and make it clear they need to come tow it off your property. Whoever offers the most gets your business

No offense, but a 2003 Cavalier with a bad engine is pretty much worthless

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