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2000 Chevrolet Cavalier - Overheating

I have a 2000 Chevy calvilar, I was driving one day and it started to over heat but it went back down and before I knew it my car had powered off lol I say that like it’s a phone but anyways it stopped running and I pulled over on the of the road due to me not knowing much about cars I cried for a minute bc I jus knew my car was done after I seen the steam no more then 5 mins later I iont the hood and i try to losing the cap to the coolant aka to my radiator, I didn’t know what to do so I waited and waited and waited bc I couldn’t get it lose bc it was to hot. Finally I got over to the gas station and get some water and get it in my car and waited like 10-15 mins then tried starting my car the first 2 times it wouldn’t start but 3rd times the charm right ? Well I got it start and went immediately to the gas station I cut my car off and went into the gas station to get more water idk if it was to cold or if I had got the engine right back got again but I started pouring the water into it and I heard like a tsssssss noise I guess I would say then all I seen was all the water that I was putting in my car was leaking right back out 4 44 oz cups of water gone … a whole thing of coolant gone right back out my car … and i don’t know what’s wrong with it can somebody please help ?

It needs to be towed to a mechanic. The radiator might need to be replaced, but might only need a hose. But! Overheating may have damaged your engine. You might get lucky and engine is okay.

Without actually knowing your mechanical ability and your post I would say that you need to have it towed so you don’t do anymore damage . Then you are faced with the choice of repair or replace this 19 year old vehicle.

I have no idea what you mean by ( diff test ) . And if the water is draining out as fast as you say you will over heat and cause severe engine damage before you can even get to a shop.

due to me not knowing much about cars

If you have little knowledge of cars, and you don’t have tools a good Jack and Jack stands you have no other option than to follow @VOLVO_V70 advice, unless you have a knowledgeable friend to help.

Turns out it was my water pump

Glad to hear you got it solved.