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2003 Caravan, No Crank No Start, help please

The Van is a SE 3.3l v6 flex 140k. I’m having a problem with no cranking. It does not have an alarm or a chip key system. I ran out of fuel the gauge showed 1/4 full. I had the fuel pump and filter replaced. The van started and ran great. I returned later the Van would not crank. Replaced battery, no crank, used a remote starter it will crank with key on it will not start. Had ignition switch replaced. Van started and ran. Went back later no crank no start. Put on a noid light to #6 and it flashed correctly. I took it off and reattach connector. I turned the key and it started and ran smooth like it has been. Went back later a no crank no start. Thank you for a reply.

I hooked a led test light wire to battery ground and the probe to #86 of starter relay terminal. Turn the key to engage the starter and the probe lights up. Thank you for a reply.

First confirm battery is fully charged. Second clean both sides both ends of battery cables. Then check both sides of relay. If that doesn’t do it post back.

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Both ends of cables are clean. There is no voltage drop on the cables. The battery is very strong, 12.6 v less than a year old.
Check both sides of relay? I sorry I’m green on this. Please explain, thank you.