2003 caravan brake problem

Hi. we just purchased an 03 caravan (3 weeks ago) and last night my wife called to tell me it was having a hard time moving, i went out to find the right front rotor glowing & smoke coming from the pads. we called the dealer and they said brake problems arent covered on the 90 day warranty! anyway has anyone else had a problem like this on this model van? i,m hoping its as simple as the brake hose as they want $70.00 for the caliper.



did you re read the paper work they gave to you. did it specifically omit brakes as to whether they are covered?

it seems unlikely that they wouldn’t stand by the sale, after just three weeks??

look over the paper again.

A hung up or frozen caliper should qualify as a defective part, rather than a normal “wear and tear” maintenance item. Warranties normally exclude W&T items, but this doesn’t sound like such a case. Unless the warranty specifically excludes anything to do with the brakes, I would pursue this. I think they’re trying to give you the brush-off.