Service Engine Light comes on

2000 Buick Century Custom with 140K miles: Service Engine Light came on. Re;placed gas cap, light still on. Took to dealer who replaced HO2 sensor ($288), light still on. Took to dealer who found no problem but charged $100 for looking. Light still on. Took to dealer who said it needed two major parts @ $1500. Light still on. Took to another mechanic who could find nothing wrong. Light still on. Is there hope?

The first question that anyone will ask here is exactly what code is set. That might be listed on one of your statements. Otherwise, auto parts stores in most states will often read the code for free.

And none of these people bothered to tell you what the code was? You need to find a new mechanic. Look in the Mechanics Files section of this website to find a recommended mechanic near you.

As lion9 said, most auto parts chains will read the code for free. Report it here in “P0123” format…not words…just the letter P followed by 4 digits.

Re “Is there any hope?”. There’s always hope. Anything broken can be fixed. It’s just a matter of economics whether it makes sense to fix it or not. And you can always resort to Tom and Ray’s oft-quoted suggestion in difficult cases like this, put some black tape over the light.

Seriously, as mentioned above, no one here can be of much help offering advice without all the DTC’s (codes) from the code reader.

Check your owner’s manual. It the “Service Engine” light simply a maintenance reminder that can be reset?

Service Engine Soon is the same thing as the check engine light

it sounds like an evap leak code, under the hood for any hoses that may have slipped off the connection. Had the same thing on my car and after getting mad about it I stepped back smoked a cig and saw a lose hose, pused it back on and it was fixed.


I think you and the OP had different problems

It sounds like you didn’t have an evap leak code

You probably had a p0171 lean code, which was fixed by resecuring that loose hose

Not that 1500 buys much these days, but what were the 2 parts dealer offered? 2k century, 3100 motor or 3400? Costly emission part? Air injection pump? Evap purge solenoid assy? Cat?