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Bmw 325ci

My 2002 bmw 325ci didn’t start one morning and I had it towed to my mechanic. At the mechanics’ it started for him every time and I have had no problems for the past few days. The previous night before not starting when I was stopped at a light the engine vibrated for a minute but then it was fine. Also when it didn’t start the engine cranked but didn’t turn over. Any ideas what the problem is/was ?

Did your Check Engine light turn on? If so, what are the codes?

What do you mean by “the engine cranked but didn’t turn over”? Cranking and turning over are one and the same. I’m guessing you mean that it cranked, but didn’t start.

Maybe the fuel pump relay didn’t signal the pump to turn on. I’ve seen it happen. Maybe it was in a bad mood. Sometimes things just don’t go like they should. It will either get worse, or never happen again. Have you learned to swear in German yet?

I have three 325i-s. One is a vert like yours.