2002 vw Passat glx 4motion. NO IGNITION? Will not start!

Please help if you have ever heard anything like this…
Car has been driving fine with no issues. Then out of the blue it just won’t start back up. Battery is 6 months old. And wouldn’t start with a jump. I think it is a completely different issue. The power windows stopped working but other features do work like stereo power seats interior lights…
Main problem is no lights on dash whatsoever. But when key turns from accessorie position to starting position nothing happens. No clicking, no resistance between positions it is as if the ignition is just missing…?

Have you checked all the fuses? Consult owners manual for the fuse box locations. There are probably several different boxes spread around in the engine compartment, under the dash, etc.

Also check battery cable connections.

It sounds like power may be getting to the ignition switch, which turns on many things inside the car. Does the radio cut off when the ignition is off? If so power is getting to the ACC area it would seem but perhaps not to the RUN and START modes. First make sure the fuses near the battery are all good and also in the dash panel, like @jesmed1 suggested and also verify that power is getting to them using a test light probe. Use the slits on top of the fuses to probe for power. If there are a number of fuses in the dash panel not getting power when the ignition switch is ON then either there is a blown fuse in the main panel under the hood or there is a problem with the ignition switch contacts.

This would be a good time to make sure the battery connections are clean also but those seem to okay from what you stated about some things still working okay.