2002 VW Beetle not idling right

My 2002 VW Beetle tends not to like the wet weather. Whenever it rains or is damp outside the car’s check engine light comes on and idles rough. It will also run like it’s on two cyclinders. I don’t want to go pay to get the check engine light checked, so what do you think?

First of all, you can have the codes read free-of-charge at Auto Zone, or some other auto parts purveyors. But, if I had to guess as to the source of your problem, my best guess would be bad spark plug wires.

If your car had a distributor (I don’t think that it does, however), a cracked distributor cap could also be the source of those problems. Anyway–go and get those codes read for free and report back here with the results.

I agree. Bad spark plug wires, or some other ignition-related problem, is a likely cause, although your car is not very old.

Have the codes read at a parts store and see what they tell you. Then you can go from there.