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2002 Volvo V70XC Wagon

Now that China has purchased Volvo would it be a good idea to sell or trade in my Volvo for an American Car or just keep it and hope I can still get parts for it.

The Chinese are very smart business people.
What makes you think that they would not be interested in the very lucrative parts business?

Who knows?
Maybe they will reduce the already exhorbitant price for Volvo parts!

I have no doubt they are very smart business people. That is my conern, that they will replace the good expensive Swedish parts for cheap Chinese parts and still charge the exhorbitant price.

I’d keep it, unless problems show up, far from a sure thing.

You’ll still be able to get all the parts you want, but you should sell it.

Volvo parts are expensive and since it is an ageing Volvo you’ll need lots of expensive parts often.

Take a look at the Toyota Venza.

Thank you, I will.

I wouldn’t overestimate the number of ‘good expensive Swedish parts’ in your Volvo, carmaking’s a global industry, and Ford certainly would have used many suppliers for its parts on the Volvo, just as the new owners will do.

I think that the Chinese learned several hard lessons in the past few years. The car companies are forbidden from exporting to North America just now, presumably until they improve their crash test scores to acceptable levels. And they would be trading long-term market growth for a couple of years of parts sales. I don’t think they are that short sighted. Remember that the Chinese have built IBM PCs for over a decade. The Think Pads are among the top choices in a business PC. They also build less expensive models under the name Lenovo now. I think that is a better model for how the Chinese will perform in the car market than toys with lead paint. Volvo gives them a ready-made distribution and repair network for Geely when they are up to our standards.

I’d dump it…but that has nothing to do with the Chinese connection. I don’t like or recommend the car. :slight_smile: