2002 Volvo S60 T

What type of record does this vehicle have? Is it dependable? comfortable? fun to drive? The model I am considering is a one-owner with 110K miles.


Expensive repairs. How many is luck of the draw. The rest are subjective. If you still want one talk directly and frankly with a Volvo independent mechanic and get the low down of issues while you get a pre-purchase inspection.

A high performance Volvo? Dependable? Absolutely not! This car will likely become a bottomless money pit. I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

The fun there was to be had with this car has been used up by the original owner, who knew when to bail out.

You’ll need deep pockets to own and drive this vehicle, and you’ll need to be on very good terms with a Volvo mechanic.

Good luck.