2002 Volkswagen New Beetle misfire codes

I have Check Engine Light pop up every now & then. Pulled about half a dozen codes with my scanner (some were about a cylinder misfire). Last time had it towed to a shop who tells me there’s nothing wrong. For now the lights are gone but am sure they’ll be back

If you have a question about those codes, please post them along with how many miles are on this engine and maybe we can help.

2002 VW New Beetle with 67,000-some miles, turbocharged 1.8T DOHC engine
The codes are: P1297, P1171, P1151, P0300, P0301, P0303, P0507. Also EGR light was on too


@BeenThere216 I suggest you post this in a new thread in the Maintenance/Repair category. Not too many people check the Ask Someone Who Owns One section, and then we won’t have conflicting answers between you and the OP

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I have to wonder if this is an answer to the original question under a different username. The answer lines up with the make/model in the subject line, and sure enough, seven codes.

Didn’t think of that…it does matchup rather nicely :thinking:

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