VW catalytic converter

My 2002 VW Beetle (GL) has an engine light problem…it’s always on. My mechanic gets a code that says there is something wrong with the catalytic converter. Only 53,000 mile on the car. Mechanic says this condition is rare. Anybody else have the problem?

Many times codes that are related to the converter are misdiagnosed.
Without knowing what the codes are none of us can be of much help.
You might try posting the codes and we’ll go from there.

This question gets asked every day. Tell your mechanic to fix the problems with the engine. Problems with the engine have caused this problem with the catalytic converter.
Go to the top of the page. Click on Search. In Keywords, put “catalytic converter”. Read similar posts, and responses, to yours, in those posts.
Also, clue your mechanic in to the posts.

And be aware that your cat. if found to be defective is covered by a 8yr 80,000 Federal warranty. You will have to file your claim with the Oval Office.

The following codes were read:
PO420 Cat. Effiency below threshold B1/SP
17704 error mapped coolan PO300 random misfire
PO303 Cyl #3 misfire symptom not present at this time

Recommend replacement of spark plugs, if misfire codes reoccur, further diagnosis will be necessary; replacement of catalytic converter may be necessary.

Took the car to mecahnic on 4/10/09…this is what was done…spark plugs replaced.

The results of misfire (P0300, P0301) can cause P0420. Fix the misfire, and the P0420 could very well disappear.