2002 Toyota Tundra 4WD Truck - Transmission issues

02 Tundra 4.7 V8, ext cab A/T - shifting out of PARK, will only go down to REVERSE, but NOT into Drive or lower… starts/runs fine and DOES move in Reverse.

Could be a relatively simple problem in the linkage between the shifter and the transmission. Or it could be a problem with the transmission itself. Is the trans fluid level correct?

Yes… I know the brake switch is good, as I CAN shift from PARK to REVERSE (and vehicle does move fine)…and I can hear the “click” of the light switch, as well… The lockout point (preventing movement to NEUTRAL or DRIVE) is very FIRM and quite “mechanical”.

Is the check engine light on?

Remove the shift cable from the shift lever on the transmission.


If you can move the shift lever thru the gears by hand there’s a problem with the shift mechanism.


If the shift lever can’t be moved thru the gears, the problem is with the transmission.



NO… Vehicle starts & runs as normal… brake-activated switch DOES appear to work, as you CAN move the lever into REVERSE…and the vehicle will move (under power). The LEVER (it’self) will not move any further (no Neutral, Drive, or lower gears)_

You need to determine whether the problem is in the shifter assembly in the truck or in the transmission. do as @Tester suggests. disconnect the shifter cable from the trans, if the shifter has full motion now the problem is likely the trans.


This is an unusual symptom. I don’t recall it being discussed here before. You could try the forum search feature, upper right this page, see if others have posted here for the same problem.