What's a good price for Used Transmission Toyota Sequoia 2001 4wd?

I recently made a post about my RPMs dropping and in the event that I might need a new transmission I kind of want to get a good idea of how much I should pay for it. I have a 2003Toyota Sequoia sr5 4wd I called a junkyard in my area and they were offering one for $800 I believe that’s a little high.

Now it is a 4wd so for some of reason those guys charge more for those even online. BUT I’ve seen one for 400$ online not considering the 200$shipping.

What should I expect to pay?

Don’t buy a used transmission on line. Buy it locally.

I know people who’ve bought used vehicle parts on line and got burned.

And if there’s a problem with the used part, you can deal with the person who sold it to you directly.



:thinking: ok that’s a good point

You were lucky to even find a used transmission for this 21 year old vehicle. If you really want to keep this on the road have a rebuilt from a real transmission shop put one in with some kind of warranty .


No way would I buy a used transmission from a junkyard for a vehicle this old. It may not work in the first place, and is even more unlikely to have enough useful life remaining to justify the cost and effort. If the rest of the vehicle is in good condition, I’d pay a reputable transmission shop to properly rebuild my transmission. If not, then I’d sell it “as-is” on Craigslist and go buy something else.

For a 15+ year old vehicle, I’d only buy a used engine or transmission if I was planning to replace all of the seals and gaskets at a minimum.


I did t read the other post but why would decreasing rpm’s at higher speed mean a transmission issue. Usually with slipping clutches it would be increased rpm’s and not going anywhere.

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And why would someone be willing to spend that much on replacing a transmission (parts and labor). Not knowing if that’s the problem to begin with. Yet they refuse to pay a lot less for a proper diagnosis. I telling you folks, “Idiocracy” the movie, is looking closer and closer to reality.

What about the Idiocracy of assuming just because a person ask a question on a forum that they are about to replace a whole transmission without consulting a professional.

Well…have you consulted a pro :question:

What does that have to do with the price of a used transmission?

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Was replying to this.

What difference does it make? I’m not replacing a transmission before I do