2002 toyota sequoia spark plugs

What are the best plugs for a 2002 sequoia. I have 116000 miles and the plugs have yet to be replaced. Should I go with the standard plugs, or do u recommend iridium or platinum plugs? Does it matter?

Doesn’t matter, looks like standard plugs have lasted 116k, right? Get matching replacements.

I replaced plugs in my '01 Sequoia with those recommended in the owner’s manual. They were an exact match for the old plugs that I removed. Purchased them at Auto Zone, and they needed to order them. Only took a day or so to get them. MPG went from 15 to 19 on the highway.

I would be surprised if the factory plugs that you have in the car aren’t either platinum or iridium.

As the others have noted, getting matching replacements is the way to go.

Best bet is to look in your owner’s manual and use what is recommended and change them as recommended. Likely they are past due for a change.

Personally I don’t like the idea of going over 50,000 miles. Plugs are cheap and if one freezes in your engine, that can become expensive.

Those plugs must have been just awful to last that long. Maybe the same kind will be as bad.

Thanks for your reply, makes absolute sense.