Spark plugs

2007 Toyota corolla… what kind of ngk should i use… thanks… 1.8

Use The Ones Specified By The Manufacturer. Is This Information In Your Owner’s Manual Or On A Sticker Under The Hood Or In Front Of The Engine Compartment?


Your local parts store will also list the correct ones.

Your Toyota should have platinum tipped plugs that should last for at least 60,000 to 100,000 miles. You may not need to replace them yet, only being 3 years old.

True, but it is a good idea to replace them more often that than to reduce the change of them freezing in the block.

So platinum is a waste of money?? In many of today’s cars, a plug change is such an ordeal, they will be LUCKY if they EVER get changed…

So put in the double platinum’s and those will take it to the shredder…

I believe the 2007 uses irridium plugs.

Caddyman that is a logical approach as most of your ideas are.

I just picked up a used 09 Rondo & FWIW it also uses iridiums.

From the owners manual: “Spark plugs (iridium coated) replace every 100,000 miles or 10 years.”

BTW,do any of you guys happen to know what a “fuel tank air filter” (replace every 30,000 miles) is.

I’ve never heard of such a filter.

It’s a coffee filter looking thing clipped into the bottom of the evap carbon canister. Few are ever changed…

I saw an Iridium flash once…Pretty cosmic…it had nothing to do with spark plugs…

Thanks Caddyman & in that case I wont bother with the silly thing either.

Removing and reinstalling the same plugs with new anti-seize every 30k miles is probably the best bet. Doesn’t cost you a new set of plugs, AND prevents the set that’s in there from seizing to the heads.