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2002 Toyota Highlander - Can I add zip?

Decided to keep 2002 Highlander as 2nd car, looking to add a little zip, need performance upgrade advice.

Need performance upgrade advice .

Okay , here is mine - Don’t waste your money on a 17 year old Highlander that will only give you marginal results . Also did you ever solve the problem in your previous thread ?


Agree with @VOLVO_V70



As a first-gen Highlander owner, I also agree. There is no meaningful way to boost the performance and the suspension is now so tired that is really a money pit too. I would suggest considering some new tires. My Highlander seems to have a different personality each time I put new rubber on it. Another thing I suggest if yours is not a Limited (with a different fascia) is to get an aftermarket head unit with Apple Car Play and Android Auto. Mine is a bit older but I have SiriusXM, Nav with real-time traffic, hands-free phone and Bluetooth. highlander%20infotainment