2002 Toyota Corolla - having trouble with the wiring for LED lights

Switching halogen headlights out of 2002 Toyota fielder to the easier LED setup having trouble with the wiring setup not as simple as I thort.

Most of us here recommend sticking with the original headlight system instead of trying to retrofit LED lights.

I wish people would STOP doing this.

What are you gaining by adding LEDs to a car never designed for them except headaches for yourself?

You can buy better halogen bulbs for the car and they WILL work.


Other than possibly needing load resistors, there should be no wiring involved at all.

LEDs in headlight assemblies not specifically designed for them isn’t a good idea. Assemblies are designed for the lighting pattern of the intended bulb type, and LEDs have much different patterns than halogens.

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The headlight plastic lenses probably turned yellow with age…it was the case with my 99 Corolla.Clean them with this product and you won’t need those retrofit LED lights.

Retrofit LED lights are getting better, but there’s still a lot of junk out there.
The trick is size and position the LEDs the same as a filament

Thanks all for the comments original lights were hard to find in N.Z had to be ship from Japan at 7 hundred a side but got it sorted there look pretty good aswell.