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Making headlamps brighter for 2005 Toyota Corolla

how can I make my headlamps throw more light

Well, on a 13 year old car, if the headlight lenses are all clouded over, polish them with a kit available from the auto parts store or replace the headlight housings. Second replace the headlight bulbs with better, brighter ones also from the auto parts store.

Note, though to @DAGOREDVALLONE, that if you go this route, the brighter bulbs do not last as long as regular halogen bulbs do

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Also as your shop to verify the headlights are aimed correctly.

After replacing the bulbs and cleaning the OEM assemblies the headlights were still dim on my 2003 Taurus. I ordered aftermarket headlight assemblies and there was a big improvement in brightness. I can only assume the reflective material in the old assemblies had degraded over time.

Ed B.

an 05 corolla might have aftermarket assy’s that use projector bulb housings which could let you install HID bulbs. maybe even LED units. you should not use HID bulbs in a reflector assy as the light pattern is not legal for road use.

I did the exact same thing on our 2002 Taurus. The aftermarket headlight assemblies from Rockauto were in the $80 range each. They were well worth buying.

Unless the lenses look brand new, the first thing I’d do is have the lenses polished. Except if the reflectors look damaged, then I’d go to Rockauto and get replacement assemblies ($43-$60 each). I’d add new stock bulbs and see how they work. If that’s not enough, I’d stock up on some Silverstars.