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2002 Toyota Highlander VSC light

Engine warning light, etc. Took car to dealer (mistake) they reset the warning lights and a few days later they came back on. Dealer says I have a leak in the pipes going into and out of the catalytic converter. They did say I could take it somewhere else and have it welded, cheaper than replacing . VSC, and track off light still display.

What did they list on your service report? Resetting the CEL does not correct the original problem.
As to the catalytic converters, yes, a competent muffler shop can fix that.
For future reference most auto supply stores, such as Autozone, can read your codes.

I disagree, they said you could go some where else and have the exhaust pipes welded . That seems like a nice thing to do. They could have sent the thing out and marked up the repair and you would have spent more.

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What were the codes that the dealership mechanic cleared.

Clearing then does nothing but delay the day that you finally fix the reason the codes are there.


If the Check Engine light comes on for any reason, the VSC and TC lights will automatically come on.

This is because these systems will not function if the engine isn’t operating correctly.

If welding the exhaust leaks turns the Check Engine light off, the other lights will shut off.


I had a temporary patch put on to get through inspection, will look into repair/replace exhaust system.