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2002 Subaru Legacy - Head gasket

I keep hearing about head gasket failure. Should I expect a problem

At 19 years old anything can fail. No need to worry about it, just set aside money for future repairs. Make sure your are performing preventative maintenance at or before the time/mileage intervals specified by Subaru. Check your oil on a regular basis. Watch your gauges.


+1 to Purebred’s comments, but I want to follow up with a question for the OP:

Does your Legacy have the standard 4-cylinder engine, or does it have the optional 6?

I ask because, while there is a chance of head gasket failure on a 4-cylinder of that vintage, the 6 does not suffer from that possible problem.

Motor is known to have headgaskets issues.
It’s 19 yrs old. Thought of different car?