New car advice

I am not sure what to do with this situation. I currently have a 2012 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Premium (43k miles). While at Subaru today, I talked some numbers for a 2016 Subaru Legacy 2.5 Limited which features the new engine. I have read a lot of things about the EJ series engines having head gasket issues.

I guess my question is, does anyone know if the head gasket issues for the EJ series were fixed by 2012? I would like to keep my current car, but am thinking about the lease if there are still problems with he head gaskets.

Last, what are the symptoms of a bad/leaking head gasket?

I can’t wrap my head around this : you have a brand that you are concerned about the engine problems and you are looking at the same brand and asking if it has engine problems and you want to lease. Save your money and keep the car you have.

Agree; just keep driving what you have and maintain it well.

Consumer Reports likes all the Legacy 2010 and up, when they became very reliable, including very few engine problems. They do not break it down by engine types, but the average is outstanding.

Not every Subaru with the EJ engine has the head gasket fail. The 2016 Subaru may have some other weakness. I have owned cars where all sorts of horrible things were supposed to go wrong that never did. Quit worrying and drive on.

Stay behind the wheel of your current vehicle and drive on.

I would keep the one you have and periodically have the coolant changed, using Subaru’s recommended coolant and additive (if they recommend it). We’re doing that with our 2007 Forester with that engine, no head problems yet.

My family has had “head gasket blowing” EJ25 engines ranging from 1998-2010. Only one of the 10 Subaru Forester/Outbacks had a head gasket fail at 240k miles. None were given exceptional care just oil changes and occasional coolant etc.

The failure rate is above normal however at the same time not all of them. Drive on.

I don’t know if your current car is prone to head gasket issues, but others here will give you the details on that. However, even if it is, it would still be cheaper to fix the head gasket on this one than it would be to move to a new car and take another big depreciation hit so soon. Keep the current car.

I wouldn’t do the swap if the only reason is a worry about the head gasket on the '12. But if you were inclined to replace the vehicle anyway, in favor of a newer one, the head gasket issue might be enough of a straw on the camel’s back to do it now rather than waiting.

Your current Subaru has 43,000 miles. Drive it another 100,000 and THEN ask what we think you should do with it.

Sell yours to me immediately and buy another. }:-/

Sorry, that was my evil twin speaking. My good side agrees with everyone else; maintain your current Subie properly and start thinking about a replacement years from now when the car actually does start having old-age symptoms. We’ll talk at that time.