2002 stratus loss power while driving

2002 dodge stratus loss power while on expressway. 36 hours before this happened, my daughter turn car off but left ignition on. 24 hours passed before i noticed. tried to turn car on but battery was dead. called for a jump. car started but when turn off and turned on again would not start. guy told me this time let it run for 30mins or so before i turn it off. did that but before turning engine off i drove to autozone and had then test battery and altenator charge w/ handheld unit. 2nd guy at autozone said both were charged and i should not have any problems. fastforward 36 hours later i lose power while driving on interstate. i cost to a stop at a roadside tire shop (lucky i guess). 3rd guy test battery there and says battery is charged must be something else. so i had it towed home cause they couldnt fix at that type shop. now wondering what is truely wrong and would love your opinion. can you help?