2002 sebring


The timing belt (I’m not sure if it has a belt or a chain) broke while she was going about 60 mph. Can this engine be saved or is it toast?


2.4L? Yes, it has a timing belt.

I may be wrong, but I believe most engines with timing belts are the interference type. If so, it’s likely toast.

Since there are several Sebring engines I can't be sure since some appear to be interference type (costly) and others appear to not be interference (no engine damage).  You might want to do a goggle search on the engine year model and the term interference.  

As a side note, it is possible for an interference type engine to suffer little or no damage, but I would not bet the farm on it. 

You also might want to check the owner's manual for the recommended change time (miles and time).  If have not reached that point yet, you may get some help or even full coverage from Chrysler or your dealer.   

Good Luck