2002 Mazda Protege Timing Belt

Hi. Recently bought a 2002 mazda protege ES with 30K on the odometer. Bought it from a dealer, not the only other owner (original), but mileage seems to check out (so far). BUT, there’s many years on the timing belt although not too many miles. Maybe time for a timing belt change? Big question right now is whether this is an interference or non-interference motor? I’ve seen both from internet searches and one independent mech even called a dealer and they did not seem sure. Also, normally would change water pump with timing belt, but with 30K on it do I save money by skipping the water pump? Also needs the serpintine belt.
Any help/info greatly appreciated.

At 13 years I’d change the timing belt regardless of whether it is an interference engine or not. The water pump is not so time sensitive but it would be best to change it anyway.

Gates says the 2L engine has a timing belt and is not an interference engine. If it is the 1.6L Canadian engine, it is not a interference engine either. Look here for information: