2002 Santa Fe Abs Problem, Self check coming on at random?

My wife’s 2002, FWD Santa Fe has a growling noise that pops up from time to time when she’s going slow and getting ready to make a turn. She’s had the car about a year. I haven’t been in the car when it happens but I suspect it’s the ABS self check running when it’s not supposed to. Hyundai TSB 06-05-003 describes the self check, but it’s only designed to run during the first acceleration event after power on, not after driving a while.

There aren’t any error codes in the OBD and I or the shop haven’t been able to recreate it. Is there a calibration or test procedure?

The car has 77K miles on it, brakes and tires are about a year old.

Any ideas?


mike & Ann

If the ABS system is activated, you’ll definitely feel it in the pedal if your foot is on it. If you don’t, I’d suspect something else.