2002 Hyundai Santa Fe ABS self check


There is a vibration and the sound of a small motor/electrical device coming

from my front brakes when I press the brake peddle at very slow speeds, so I know that it is the ABS self check…it seems to be stuck on. Can I

fix this myself?

Thanks for the help!


There is no ABS self check.

What are you talking about???

The ABS system goes thru a system self check when the car is started.

But this is not the problem the poster is having. It sounds like the ABS system is activating during slow speed braking. It could be a wheel speed sensor problem.

This is not a problem you can fix yourself.

No, you can’t fix it yourself, unless you are a master mechanic, in which case you would not ask this question.

Take the vehicle to a mechanic, and let him/her diagnose and repair the problem.

I agree with mcparadise. The only self-test that you should feel through the brake pedal is during the first few feet of movement of the car.

If you are regularly feeling vibration in the pedal while braking on a dry, paved road surface, this is not normal and needs to be checked by a qualified mechanic. (Note: This does not include Midas or other chains!)

Thanks all that reply, I have the car with a mechanic now, and he will do a thourough check for me.

Have a good weekend.