Dissatisfied with my 2010 Toyota RAV4

2010 Toyota RAV 4 110,000 transmission failure. Been driving for 20 yrs + and many different vehicles. This is the first time I have had a transmission failure. It is totally uncommon. Something is wrong with this product . Sorry I am not impressed with Toyota products and will NOT own another. BAD car, BAD customer service NOT reliable, DANGEROUS. Public is under the allusion that Toyota products are excellent. Not so.

Seriously , you think an automatic transmission should last forever ? Do you not notice transmission repair facilities while you are driving around. I suspect you bought this used and have never serviced the transmission as to fluid changes. I guess the bad customer service is because they told you the vehicle is out of the warranty period.

Wow, sorry to hear that. I sold my '07RAV 4 with about 135k on it and other than tires and routine maintenance only thing I replaced was alternator right before I sold it. Bought it new and changed oil every 7k.
My son bought a used Camry (years ago) with over 100k on it. I thought he was nuts. Well, he drove it across country twice, put another 100k on it and other than tires and maintenance - replaced the alternator.
When I sold my RAV, the person who bought it for his daughter had two other Toyotas, one with 200+k and other almost 300k. He considered mine nicely broken in!
Personally - you either had bad luck or ?did you follow maintenance guidelines?

Simple question . . .

How often have you serviced the automatic transmission fluid and filter?

If the answer is “never” . . .

Can certainly understand your frustration… i have a 2002 rav 4 with 125,000 and it has been a great car! i bought it used in 2007 and really have not had to do much!
I would feel the same as you but realistically its a crap shoot! maybe there was an existing part or parts that were weak to begin with on your car… but i do feel your pain and hope whatever you buy next lasts you a lifetime!

A friend of mine has a 2008 Rav-4, and the trans is still going strong at 130k miles.
Of course, at my behest, he has had the trans fluid changed every 40k miles.

I once owned a 1955 Pontiac. I had all kinds of problems with that car. A sample of size one doesn’t prove anything. To make the statement that all Pontiacs were bad, or even all 1955 Pontiacs were terrible based on my experience isn’t valid. In fact, Consumer Reports back then, on the basis of its survey of owners, recommended the 1955 Pontiac as a reliable used car.

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@adams09 After more tan 10 years on this board you are the first person to condemn a Toyota based on a single transmission failure experience.

I spent part of my career processing warranty claims for an engine manufacturer. We had one engine that was a dog and everyone knew it. The company offered an extended warranty on it.

My late brother was a super critical buyer and his Toyota lasted well over 300,000 miles.
In our hiking an ski club there are a number of RAV 4 owners and all are happy with their purchase.

I cannot comment on the “bad customer service”, that would be a local issue. Don’t confuse Reliability with “Dangerous”. Volvo claims to be the safest car on the road , but it is also one of the least reliable.

As mentioned, a transmission failure is a possibility, we don’t know whether the unit was previously abused or ever serviced. You need to give us more details.

Most RAV4’s of that era were built in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada, one of the highest quality plants in the Toyota empire.


+1, on all counts.