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2002 pontiac montana head gasket replacement

I have a 2002 pontiac montana that needs the head gasket replace. Mileage is 152,000 miles with a v6 engine. Cost to do this is about $5,500 and would like to get at least another 75,000 miles once the repair is done. Is it worth doing as alternative is to scrap the van and buy a new vehicle

Many thanks for comments

Are you serious or is there some misinterpretation about this repair?

Who in the world quoted you a 5500 dollar price tag on a head gasket? The word gasket should be plural.)

Take it somewhere else. This is a $2k job (worst case scenario, maybe $2.5k if both heads have to be replaced), not a $5.5k job. Are you sure they are pricing you just head gaskets and not a remanufactured engine? The price quoted is about right, although maybe a little on the high side, for replacing the engine with a remanufactured one.

I agree that $5500 for the head gaskets is nuts. Is this a dealer or something?

As far as whether or not its worth it to do it, no one knows since that question has everything to do with the rest of the van. In particular, at 150+K miles, if that is the original transmission I’d be worried about it. I’d be especially worried about it if its never been serviced and/or hasn’t been serviced frequently (every 30K or so) including new filters.