Worn Rack?

'95 Eldorado with 115k. Although I’ve had an alignment, the centerpoint of my steering wheel varies depending on my last turn. For example, if I just made a left, the centerpoint of the wheel will be at 11 o’clock, and if I then make a right turn, it will shift to 1 o’clock. Is it as simple as my rack’s centerposition being worn, and fixed with a rebuilt rack or could it be something else? Intermediate link? dangerous?

Could be a lot of things. Try this, have someone turn your steering wheel right and left while you watch all the suspension components, or have your mechanically inclined friend watch the components while you move the wheel back and forth. Do this with the vehicle on the ground. If there is anything like a loose tie rod end or ball joint, it will show up. Also watch the upper strut mounts for movement other than the normal shaft turning.

Each of the wheels turn with the slightest turn of the steering wheel - tie rods/linkage is fine. Question however on the upper strut mounts. The center of the struts do move a bit laterally slightly (on both wheels)as observed from under the hood. When I turn from stop-to-stop, they strut tips even dip slightly. There is however no knocking while I drive - as a loose shock would. The struts are original and a bit sloppy at 115k miles, but I can’t find an aftermarket supplier. Caddy wants a first born for replacement.

I’ve heard very good things about these guys:


That doesn’t sound right. Might have someone look at them but it could be the source of your problem. For replacements check here


or here


One has better prices, the other free shipping.

looks good and the price is right - just need to find someone with a spring compressor.

Maybe the bushings that hold the steering rack in place. With force the rack shifts one way then the other.

you had the right answer on this one - the rack was shifting left and right when turning due to a worn rack bushing. Just got it fixed. Thanks