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2002 passat, door problem

In trying to correct a sticky door handle I opened the door and to get oil on the latch, I flipped up the latch on the door, as it would be when closed. I have done this before on other vehicles. Now I can not get it to open so I can close the door. The latch is shut and will nit let the body part get connected,
I can not figure out how else to explain it.

OH, this is my girlfriend’s car and she may not exactly appreciate my valiant effort,if she has to have the door taped shut on her way to work in the morning,help me,

Did you try pulling on the door handle and flipping the latch at the same time?

Yes, I did,I did not however pull the inside door handle, which did work.
OK, so I confessed and was taking some heat when ‘She’ went out and just pull the inside handle. Perhaps I will leave any car repairs to her from now on, at least on her car. Thanks.