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I need to break into my wife's 96 Toyota Camry

I have her permission. The passenger door is stuck closed and will not open. I have tried a variety of things to no avail. The linkages and clips are all in place and function mostly correctly, it just seems like the latch is somehow degraded and stuck. The thing at the end of the linkage by the latch, which is supposedly the thing that a slimjim will hook and pull, does nothing when hooked and pulled. I actually pulled a coat hanger through that area with great force and it only slipped through between the latch pull thing and the frame. Maybe I should take a picture. Anyway, how can I open the door without destroying anything?

Go on through the driver’s door, remove the seats, and remove the passenger door inner panel.

If you can see the rods, can you spray some penetrating lubricant, like PB’laster, onto the sticking latch? I had luck once tapping on the outer door skin right over the latch mechanism while working the handle. Once opened, I hosed the latch with penetrating lube while I worked the latch opened and closed with a screwdriver. After getting it working smooth, I came back in two days, and hit it with a good lithum-based spray grease.