2002 opel astra miss fire every few weeks

My 1.4 petrol opel astra keeps miss firing every few weeks . When I turn it on the check engine light comes on and the engine shakes so much I can feel it in the steering wheel. When it does I take it out on the road and floor it in 2nd gear for a while and it settles down again for a week or two then one day I jump in and surprise surprise another miss fire. It’s just been serviced and had timing belt changed. Spent too much money on it in the last few months so I’m wondering if this could be one issue too many. Any advice on what may cause this kind of constant miss fire would be great.

When the check engine light comes on, have the stored computer codes read. Here in the U.S., auto parts chain stores will read the codes for free. The code(s) may help trace the problem. Otherwise we’re just guessing.

But since we’re guessing, it could be something like a sticking idle air control valve (IACV), since it sounds like you’re experiencing the problem at startup/idle. The fix may be as simple as cleaning the IACV and/or the throttle body.

It’s just been serviced and had timing belt changed. </i

What was done during the servicing???