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Missfire #3 and #4

I own a 1997 Plymouth with approx 175000 miles on it. the “service engine light” is on the dashboard so I went to autozone to diagnose the code and told me I have #3 and #4 missfire. So I assume it might be bad injectors? I may be wrong so anyone know what is wrong with it?



Is this engine perhaps a V6 or V8? Does this engine have a coil pack?

OH dang! Actually it is Voyager with 3.0L v6 engine

If this engine has not had a major tune up, do that. If the spark plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor, fuel filter, and air filter, have not been changed recently take care of that. The firing order of #3 and #4 are adjacent so make sure there is no arching problem in the distributor cap. With the spark plugs out, check the compression. Also check the fuel pressure. Get back to us with response and results.

Hope that helps.

Another possiblity I thought of is a bad distributor. If the bushings a loose enough, it could allow the rotor gap to widen when it passes over #3 and #4 posts. Alternately, the wandering could affect the reluctor gap causing loss of pickup signel.

Just some more ideas.