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2002 Oldsmobile Silhouette. Retainer bolt on crankshaft won't turn!

I can take a picture if needed. But basically the bolt just won’t turn no matter what I try. I even tried with an impact drill and nothing works. The bolt doesn’t have any rust or oil on it so I have no idea why it’s just so stuck. Any advice? Anything I’m missing?

Also sorry, fairly new to cars and home repairs so forgive me if I missed any vital info. Doing this from my phone in the sun so hard to see. Thanks!

Also, I’m just using the words that the guy at autozone told me. I have no idea what Everything is called, I only know how to fix it.

Would you narrow own the “bolt” in question? Is it the crankshaft harmonic balancer bolt? I think the torque spec on that is only 79 ft-lbs but the bolt likely has LocTite or other thread lock compound on it.

A 1/2 inch air operated impact wrench will usually spin them off after a bit of trigger-action. Or a long breaker bar, or maybe one with a pipe on it. It is tough to get it to break free.

Dumb question - you are turning it counterclockwise right?

It may require an impact gun to remove the bolt.


Yeah that’s the bolt exactly! And yes turning it counter-clockwise. So just keep trying basically and maybe get an impact wrench?

Just wanted to make sure it was ridiculously hard to get out and nothing that I missed. Heard it was a tough one to get out but never knew it would be this tough.

Why are you taking it off?

Again don’t know the exact words for every thing so bear with me.

The rubber holding the part that holds the belt on went bad and fell off so I need to replace the whole piece.

Yep, that’s the ‘harmonic balancer’. Just wondered, not a commonly-needed repair.