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2002 Olds Alero fuel fill access

Okay, anybody have any idea whether the gasoline fill tube on a 2002 Olds Alero is accessed from behind the rear seatback or under a trunk panel?

I know the question sounds novice, but I no longer have access to a database and cannot find the information on the internet.

Thanks is advance.

Everything that has do with the fuel tank/fill tube is done from under the back of the vehicle.


Thanks. :::::::::::::::

Here’s what appears to be the fastener tightening torques, fyi

Filler pipe to underbody 88 inch-lb
Filler hose clamps 26 inch-lb

Thanks for that info too.

I haven’t looked at the vehicle yet. A friend told me she was told that there was a bad connection between her fill hole and the tank. I’ll know a lot more when I get under it.

Yup, she was told this in response to a CEL. I haven’t pulled any codes yet either. All I currently know is what she conveyed to me chatting in a parking lot at the corner store. I volunteered to look at it.