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2002 Odyssey

Whats the deal with spark plug replacement on this motor? Are the back plugs impossible to get to from the top of the motor? Also should I replace the ignition coils with the plugs?

hating to see posts go unanswered here is a good link I found. You need to take care removing the coils, but I would wait till they go bad before replacing the coil.

I’ve not done a Honda but I have done other minivans - the problem you’re looking at is pretty common in all of the 6 cyl FWD vehicles since the engine is in there sideways and the right bank of plugs is crammed under the intake and between engine & firewall. The strategy & difficulty do vary, and it is frequently easiest to go up from the bottom of the motor. This does present problems if you don’t have a lift. It is generally a total PITA no matter what.

Get creative and explore all options - on my caravan I have done the plugs on ramps climbing up under the motor from the back - this is terrible. I only did it once and might never again. I saw some reporting that they did 2 of the plugs on this motor basically laying on top of the motor, cramming their arm around the back, and then partially dismounted the alternator to get to the last plug. I also have an Olds Silhouette. Thankfully the plugs were done shortly before I bought it, but I looked at the procedure and the “official” way involves undoing front motor mounts and literally rocking the whole engine forward in the compartment. I’ve also seen reports though that you can instead get at the rear plugs by pulling the front wheels and removing the inner fender splash shield.

No matter how it goes, it will not likely be all that straightforward, and may involve some more than creative use of body parts, approaches & tools.