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2002 Nissan Maxima - Coolant issues

Red temperature light every time and all the water in radiator dissapear and dry

Two choices, well. actually three.

  1. Have repaired.
  2. Junk or sell for parts.
  3. Drive as is then replace engine when it self destructs. You might have reached that point already.

You’ve got a extremely massive coolant leak

To be brutally honest, it should be super obvious to determine where it went

Put the car on jack stands and get under there on a creeper

See any obvious dried coolant residue . . . there should be a LOT

If you can’t see anything, get a garden hose and remove the coolant pressure cap. Slowly start putting water into the cooling system. My guess is that you will very quickly see a geyser . . . could be from the water pump, block, radiator or something else

It’s possible you’ve already seriously damaged the engine by apparently repeatedly driving the vehicle in this condition