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Possible places where a water leak could be?

[1995 Nissan Mazima]
As of lately I’ve been losing water from both the radiator and reservoir very quickly. If I top both of them up I’ll have to do it again within the next 2 days and my temperature gauge will rise from the middle close to the top (sometimes right on the line) and go back down to the middle but never actually overheat and start smoking. I believe I have a major water leak somewhere, but I’m not seeing any drips underneath the car?

I’ve also looked online and seen some info on a broken/cracked head gasket, but I don’t have the frothy, milky colored oil that you would see if it were.
I’m getting a new car soon and just need this one to at least last me the next 2 weeks (3 if I’m lucky).

I’m just trying to get an idea of what I need done and what’s going on, any tips can help! Thank you.

If the intake was leaking the frothy stuff would be a tell tale sign. It the exhaust is leaking you may not see that in the oil.

If you need to keep it running for 2 or 3 weeks, go to a McParts store and get some magic in a jar that is supposed to fix a head gasket leak. May or may not work. Keep an eye on the radiator and temperature. You may get lucky and get your 3 weeks.

My guess the thermostat is sticking and you are blowing coolant out the radiator cap. Many pressure leaks in hoses etc can blow out coolant unseen. If it was my car and I lived in a cooler climate I might consider loosening the radiator cap to prevent coolant from blowing out. In an old car I made it a few hundred miles until I could get to a town with parts. Not sure how that woulds work in your car.

If the vehicle has an automatic transmission, check the transmission fluid.