2002 Montero Sport Limited- repair manual?



I just purchased the Montero and need to replace the rotors. I bought a set and brake pads, but could not locate a service manual at Advance Auto or online. I’m getting the feeling it doesn’t exist. We’d like to save some cash and put the rotors on ourselves, but want to be sure we can before we disassemble the whole thing. If anyone knows where to find a manual (eBay showed a few, but want to get confirmation before purchasing a pirated/bogus copy) or whether I can do this myself, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!


There are other options besides getting a factory manual. You can get a chilton’s or haynes manual on brake repair. Or better yet, go to your local library and check one out. The brake systems don’t really change much. The Sport is one that you will have to disassemble the axle bearings to get the rotor off. You will have to repack the bearings with grease and put a new seal on the back of the rotor when you put it back together. Then just reassemble in reverse as taking it apart. I’m going to assume you know what to do with the calipers. If not, the book will expain that as well. Otherwise, you’ll have to get a manual from Mitsu or ebay


I didn’t realize there were manuals just on specific jobs. Thanks for your reply!


here’s a link for the haynes manual on amazon.com


Thank you!!