Jetta Rear Brakes/Rotors

I am changing my wifes rear brakes and rotor on her 2004 Jetta and wanted to know if this is going to be difficult. The rear rotor is gouged and think the pads were worn too far. I heard there is a special toll to “turn” the piston back in and again am a little nervous I am going to damage something. Anyone have some helpful advice?

I’d get myself a service manual before attempting this. Haynes would probably be fine, and they don’t cost much at all. Having a manual and reading the procedure ahead of time could save you some headaches.

I will, thank you for the advice.

When you pull the rotors, and find a small set of brake shoes behind the rotors you don’t need the special tool. The caliper pistons can pressed in like the front caliper pistons. If you don’t find a set of brake shoes behind the rotors, then you’ll need the special rear caliper brake tool.