2002 Mitsubishi Galant-ES Loud POK noise when accelerating and breaking

So the last week and a half my car has been making a loud noise that sounds like a loud POK when my car accelerates or slows down. I am worried that there is a loose bolt somewhere and that the noise is caused by something shifting under the forces being applied to the wheels. any ideas ?

Does the noise sound like it’s coming from the front or rear? A noise similar to that could be caused by a suspension component which can be dangerous if worn so I would thorough inspect everything.

These cars have been known to suffer ball joint problems and also with failed bushings on the rear steering knuckles. Not saying that it’s either one of those; just pointing out a few maybes…

Another potential cause is a worn CV joint or motor mount.

I’d second what ok said–this is a classic symptom of a worn out ball joint (assuming it’s coming from the front), though it could be a lot of different things. You want to get this checked out, as if it breaks, the front suspension will collapse and leave your front end scraping on the road like a beached ship.

Make sure your cousin Ricky didnt leave his bowling ball in the trunk.

no bowling balls but it sounds like it is coming from dead center under the hood somewhere behind the center console the thing is that it is hard to tell because you need to accelerate in rapid succession to reproduce and without someone outside it is difficult to pinpoint

Haha sorry I couldnt resist. This could be a number of things. Unless you have a jack and are mechanically inclined to poke around, Id get it to a shop asap

One other possibility is the drive shaft U joint

“…it sounds like it is coming from dead center under the hood somewhere behind the center console…”

I’ll second a bad motor mount. Open the hood, and while in the driver’s seat and with the brakes on, shift from R to D and back and watch the motor. If it moves more than about a half inch, that could indicate a motor mount is giving up.

its not going to fall out under the car on the highway is it ?

No. From my understanding, motor mounts have some vibrational dampening to them (like a rubber of some kind) yet are still mechanically bolted to the car. When the vibrational dampening material wears away you have issues like youre getting. But it wouldnt mechanically fail and just drop out the engine.