2002 Maxima suspension

I have a 2002 Maxima that has always had a very stiff suspension. Lately it has gotten out of control to point where i am afraid of driving.

At slow speeds car feels very stiff, speed up to 40 or so and rides smooth, but now while driving 60-80 on freeway as car hits even a small bump front end just crashes down with a sickening bone-jarring thump. Have taken car to dealer and 1 other mechanic and they immediarely suspect struts, but they claim since car has no bounce struts seem good. Any suggestions from you all as to what else could be the problem ?

Are you sure the thumping corresponds to bumps in the road? My first suspicion with it being okay at lower speeds, but bad at high speeds would be an out-of-balance tire. Also, while you’re looking at the tires, are they inflated to the proper pressure as per the vehicle placard (not the max PSI on the sidewall) ?

I’ve heard the old bouncy test for shocks doesn’t apply to newer cars, but I’m not sure what a good subsitute is. I’d say a 2002 seems a little too new to need struts, but if it has high mileage it could be a possiblilty.