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2002 Lexus ES 300 is dripping gas

Right àfter a fill up.I parked the car with the back in down hill .then after a little while gas started dropping from under where the tank is.

I would have the car towed to your mechanic for diagnosis and repair. Be very careful around the spilled gasoline!

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I would also have it towed.

Most likely the large gasket that seals the pump into the top of the tank is damaged.
But I have also found pumps that the fuel line from the pump itself has rusted through. You may need the entire pump.

If this is car has more than 150K on the odometer and they need to drop the tank, I think I would just have them replace the pump.

Hopefully the pump is accessible from under the rear seat. If not the tank will have to be dropped.


Probably the filler tube that connect to the fuel tank has rusted.This tube usually rust before the gas tank does.If you live in an area where cars rust a lot(rustbelt),you should have a mechanic take a look at it.Same thing happened on my 99 Corolla.

Unless the body panels are rusted, having this evaluated by a mechanic is worth doing immediately. They can put your car on a lift, drop the gas tank, and give it and the filler tube a close inspection. You and your passengers are more important that the few hundred it will cost to get this fixed.

The plastic fuel tank over-fill control valves crack on these cars, I have replaced a few. Usually there is a check engine light on for an evaporative emissions leak before a fuel leak is noticed.