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2002 Kia difficult is it to replace a water pump

What is involved in replacing a water pump on a 2002 Kia Sedona? If you are replacing the timing belt anyway how much more labor is involved in replacing the water pump?

If you're replacing the timing belt anyway it only makes sense to install a new water pump, since 99% of the work to get to the pump is alread done getting to the belt. If you need a new water pump you'll have to remove the timing belt to get to it, and you may as well install a new belt when you put everything back together.

This is not a simple job. You'll need lots of tools, including a torque wrench, a good service manual, and a safe place to work on the car. You may need jack stands, too. How much experience do you have working on engines? I wouldn't want to tackle this as a first time project.

Lots of things have to be removed before you even get close to the timing belt and water pump. If you're considering doing this yourself, I suggest reading through the procedure in a serivce manual, and then deciding whether or you you think you're up for it.

I've replaced timing belts on several cars, but I've paid mechanics to do it on others. Some are more complicated and difficult than others.

I have no plans on doing it myself, I am having my dealership do the work, but they advise against replacing the WP and if I do want an additional 200-250 dollars to do it. What I can’t figure is the part runs about $80, since they are in that area already how much “more” label can there be to remove and replace the water pump?

I’d find a new dealer or mechanic myself. They need to do what YOU want them to. Otherwise, walk. If you’ve got the money, you hold all the cards.

Good luck.

The local Kia dealership is great, haven’t had any issues. They are more the willing to replace the waterpump for the additional costs, but have just said they don’t see it being necessary.

Most dealerships will actually recommend doing the pump at the same time, and it's normally the customer who balks at the cost and says no.

Later, when the pump fails and rips the belt apart, they get mad because it wassn't done. Seems like you've got a solid head on your shoulders.

Get it done. It's easier and far safer.


i would if I could afford it, but right now $1000 + dollars is NOT in the budget…so we just have to hope and pray…

First the Kia branded dealer part is not $80 which a dealer will install. It is likely $150-$200. The balance of is extra labor related to removal of water pump and reinstallation. Also they have to much around with the coolant and likely replace it at the same time.

The price is within reason for a dealer.