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When changing the timing belt

hi i have a 2001 ia sportage with i think about 75k on it and i was look at its service manual and it says the timing belt may need to be replaced soon or inspected. my question is do i HAVE to replace the water pump when i change the t belt?

No, but if the water pump is driven by the timing belt it’s a good idea to replace the pump with the belt.

If the pump goes bad after you replace the timing belt, you’ll have to pay all that labor to remove the timing belt again to get to the pump.

It’s much less expensive to just replace the pump with the belt and be done with it.

By the way, inspecting the belt is pointless. The timing belt usually looks perfect right up to the moment it breaks. When the maintenance schedule says it’s time for a timing belt, just replace it.

yikes i was afraid of that but maybe im a little bit lucky since im a student at a automotive school and we get full access to the shop tools and 40 percent discount at napa

Well, in that case the timing belt/water pump replacement shouldn’t cost you much at all. You might want to throw a new tensioner in for good measure. Why gamble?

When ever I do a timing belt…I change all the drive belts…radiator hoses…water pump…and (tensioner every other time). Cheap insurance.

ya i found a timing kit for about 130 thank you 40% discount napa store! i might order that and get my teacher to help me do it but i have to get the money first lol. thing is this will probably be a major pain wont it?

the hoses and drive belts will have to wait i dont have alot of money to roll on

Yes, it will be a major pain.

If you’re in automotive school and consider a timing belt replacement “a major pain,” perhaps auto mechanic school is not the best place for you.

no i love to work on cars its just the engine compartment of the kia sportage is packed but luckily lifts are at the school so thatll prbably help me alot.